About Us

The Queenscliff Point Lonsdale Community Enterprise is a community owned and run entity that generates funds from a variety of sources which are available to be invested back into the local community. This happens by us encouraging local people, and those with a commitment to our community, to use and buy through a company committed to retaining some of its earnings in our community. By seeking sponsorship and donations for community projects and also providing an accessible, systematic, transparent and efficient grants program.

The initial revenue stream comes from a partnership with Bendigo Bank. Bendigo customers nominate to be affiliated with the Community Enterprise and as a result, the Bendigo forwards a percentage of its revenue generated from that customer’s banking business – at no cost to the customer at all.
We will in future also generate funds from:

  • Partnership with Geelong Community Telco
  • Support from other local businesses
  • Direct donations
  • Sourcing grants
  • Selected fund raising events

Many communities are already benefiting from their own Community Enterprise and the results say it all. By engaging with local people to work collectively, the Strathfieldsaye Community Enterprise worked on a “Let’s make a stand” project to raise over $200,000 since 2005. From their successful partnerships with Bendigo Bank and Bendigo Community Telco they have built partnerships with all tiers of Government. This has seen the establishment of new sporting ovals, additional sporting facilities for their community and they are now undertaking the next level of community planning for their future.

So just think of the possibilities here in Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale. By doing your everyday banking and using the phone you can help make our community even better.