Enterprising Youths

QPLCE is pleased to announce the launch of the Enterprising Youth Scheme. The scheme will make available up to $200 each month to assist young people to bring to life ideas that benefit their clubs or community group or in some way other way enable a benefit to our community. 
The aim of the scheme is to engage young people in our community and projects, and to help the QPLCE support to projects that make a real difference locally. 
Each month at the QPLCE Board meeting, all submissions received will be reviewed and the best scheme of that month will be awarded the grant.

The submission is simply a one page submission which explains the Purpose and How the Money will be spent. The schedule for submission is detailed below and the submission form is attached, with all submissions being limited to one page or 400 words maximum Details of this Enterprising Youth Program and the application process have also been sent to all the relevant schools, for more information contact Stephen McGain by email steveqplce@gmail.com




The awards are made at each Board meeting and applications should be received a week before the relevant Board meeting with successful applicants being advised within the following week.