Marine Discovery Centre

November/December 2010

The Program

The Marine Discovery Centre's rangers program was designed
to promote the unique biodiversity of our local marine
environment and to encourage safe swimming and aquatic
pursuits for local school children.

All grades 5/6 Primary School children from the Borough of
Oueenscliffe were invited to participate in the program which
was aimed at raising awareness about the local marine
environment, with particular emphasis on the Port Phillip
Heads Marine National Park.

Participants participated in and were given the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the local marine environment and Marine National Parks and Sanctuaries
  • Learn and practice basic skills in water safety
  • Participate and/or learn about Reefwatch
  • Engage in a healthy and fun physical activity

Each student had the opportunity to learning safe snorkelling
skills in the Dive Victoria pool. This was then followed by a
session in Port Phillip Bay (between the two piers in
Oueenscliff) to put their skills into practice. Each student was
also given a mask and snorkel set to keep. It is hoped that
students will continue snorkelling over the summer months.
This year the program was free for all students. The program
received financial support from the Oueenscliff and Point
Lonsdale Community Enterprise (OPLCE) and the Friends of
the Marine Discovery Centre (FoMDC). See financial report for
more detail.


Oueenscliff Primary School - 10 students
Point Lonsdale Primary School - 51 students
St Aloysius Primary School - 29 students

Total - 90 students

Comments from teachers and students

Point Lonsdale PS - the students really enjoyed the dive pool
session and like the opportunity to test their skills in the water.
Back at school we will get them to write about what they saw or
creatively represent their experiences. We also look at on line
resources. The students have many activities with the MDC
and we love the way the programs progressively develop
through P to 6.

St Aloysius PS - There was great encouragement and
reassurance from the MDC staff to the students. Constant
positive feedback was great for the. students. The students
enjoyed learning or improving on their snorkelling skills. We
will follow up with a parent in the classroom who is a marine
biologist. Students have gained more respect/pride for their

Queenscliff PS - The student really enjoyed the pool session
to gain confidence and discovering sea creatures in the marine
environment. Back at school we will do some writing and
reflection. Thank you for the opportunity to be involved in this
great and wonderful program.