Point Lonsdale Primary

Point Lonsdale Primary School is located in the coastal township of Point Lonsdale, 30 kms from Geelong and only 3 kms from Queenscliff on the Bellarine Peninsula.

Established in 1898, the school is located in spacious grounds with parts of the playground overlooking the Rip and Port Phillip Heads. Playground areas consist of grassed ovals, a natural dune area, shaded sand and adventure play areas, basketball and netball courts; all protected by a backdrop of well established trees.

The curriculum is comprehensive, well resourced and places a strong emphasis on the successful attainment of literacy and numeracy skills as the foundation of a sound, well balanced education. The curriculum is enhanced through the planned inclusion of camps and excursions, religious education, swimming, sport and bike education.

Specific Arts focused activities are designed to enable all students to work on larger scale shared tasks. Students are encouraged to be involved in a range of activities designed to develop their leadership potential.

We have developed a range of innovative approaches to teaching and learning which aim to increase student engagement, connectedness and improve the overall learning achievements of students across the
curriculum. We teach in such a way that our students are empowered to make choices, value learning because it is connected to real situations, and most importantly to make it an enjoyable shared experience.

The school is renowned for its ability to implement strategies that result in an engaging and innovative curriculum. Projects are varied and include approaches to boys’ learning, science, the arts and the use of the Tribes process as a means of maintaining the school culture as one, based on inclusion and mutual respect through the development of a real sense of community. The school community has embraced the Tribes agreements and they set the tone for learning and interaction at all levels.